Estimated Cost of Attendance

LACM Online tuition covers required core curriculum in a specific programTuition for domestic and international students is due 2 weeks prior to the student’s start date. Students returning to LACM Online have a tuition deadline of 2 weeks prior to the start date of the next quarter.



Diploma Program Associate of Arts
Application $60 $60
Student Network Fee $250 $250
Technology Fee $60 x 8 ($480) $60 x 10 ($600)
Quarterly Tuition $3,240 x 8 ($25,920) $3,645 x 10 ($36,450)
Projected Program Cost $26,710* $37,360*

*Plus the cost of travel to campus for required visits


Diploma Program Associate of Arts
Application $60 $60
Student Network Fee $250 $250
Technology Fee $60 x 8 ($480) $60 x 10 ($600)
Quarterly Tuition $3,240 x 8 ($25,920) $3,645 x 10 ($36,450)
Projected Program Cost $26,710* $37,360*

*Plus the cost of travel to campus for required visits

Music Producing & Recording

Diploma Program Associate of Arts
Application $60 $60
Student Network Fee $250 $250
Technology Fee $60 x 8 ($480) $60 x 12 ($720)
Quarterly Tuition $3189.38 x 8 ($25,515.04) $3,071.25 x 12 ($36,855)
Projected Program Cost $26,305.04* $37,885*

* Please note: Projected Program Costs are financial estimates based on LACM Online Tuition, Fees and recommended program pacing. The cost of travel for the LACM Online program is not included. Additional fees and International Student fees are represented below

Student Network Fee

  • $250 one-time fee per program
  • Includes career counseling, on campus workshops, and networking with peers through Canvas

Technology Fee

  • $60 fee per quarter
  • Includes online platform setup, orientation, and proctoring

Late Fees

Late Registration Fee: Students who do not complete quarterly registration forms on time during registration periods will be charged $50.00 for late registration processing.    

Late Tuition Fee: Late tuition fees will be applied to student accounts who do not meet tuition deadlines. Once the Tuition Deadline has passed, students
 will be charged $100.00.

International Student Fees- Campus Visit

I-20 Preparation Fee: $100.00

I-20 Additional Post & Administration Fee: $85.00

Additional Fees

Official Transcript Fee: $10.00

Student ID Replacement Fee: $15.00 plus shipping and handling

Graduation Diploma Replacement Fee: $25.00

Test Rescheduling Fee: Varies, minimum $100.00

Payment Methods

Tuition and fees must be paid in United States currency. Payments can be made via personal check, wire transfer, credit or debit card, or cash. LACM Online accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Check payments must be made out to: Los Angeles College of Music, 370 S. Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105. Receipts will be mailed, emailed, or given in-person at the time of payment.

Payment Plans

Monthly Payment Plan: Payment plans are available. Please contact the Business Office for more information.

NON-PAYMENT DROP POLICY : If a student fails to pay tuition in full by their agreed upon payment schedule, the student will be automatically dropped from all upcoming quarter classes.

Student Financial Responsibility

Registration for any term at LACM Online signifies agreement to pay all charges incurred during that term, including any assessed late fees. If necessary, the College will employ the services of a collection agency if students fail to meet the monetary terms of their agreement. In addition, it is important that students realize that they are responsible for repaying all charges incurred while attending college, even if they do not complete their education, are dissatisfied with their education, or are not able to get a job after graduating.

A student who obtains a loan to pay for any portion of his or her educational program will have the responsibility to repay the full amount of the loan plus interest, less the amount of any refund.

A Financial Aid Advisor will provide students with information on applying for a deferment or forbearance if students are having difficulty in meeting loan repayment obligations.

Temporary Financial Suspension

Insufficient payment for an upcoming quarter will lead to a temporary financial suspension and the inability to attend classes as scheduled.

Enrollment Cancellation

All students have the right to cancel enrollment agreements in writing to: LACM Online at 370 S. Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena, California 91105, or If LACM Online receives notice of cancellation by the end of the first week of classes, students have the right to a refund of all refundable fees paid and are not subject to any penalties or obligations. All refunds will be processed within 45 days of cancellation. If cancellation occurs after the first week of classes the student may be required to pay for a portion of tuition.

Tuition Refund Policy

Students retain the right to withdraw from the College. A student who submits a signed Program Withdrawal form or who is withdrawn by the College for cause, such as lack of attendance, is entitled to receive a prorated refund of tuition paid. If a student has completed more than 60% of the quarter, the student is not entitled to receive a refund. Fees
 are non-refundable. The withdrawal date for refund calculations is the last date of recorded attendance of the student. Refunds will be issued within forty-five days of the official date of withdrawal as required by applicable laws and regulations.

Week 1: 100% refund

Week 2: 81% refund

Week 3: 72% refund

Week 4: 63% refund

Week 5: 53% refund

Week 6: 44% refund

Week 7: Tuition is no longer refundable


The student has the right to cancel and receive a refund. Cancellation is effective the date LACM Online receives a written cancellation notice. LACM Online delivers the full amount of refunds within 45 days of the written cancellation notice.