Production Styles and Genres 

Course Number: PROD-120DL Credit Hours: 4

Course Description

Just as an instrumentalist must be familiar with various styles and techniques, so must a producer know different production styles and genres. With that goal in mind, this course analyzes commercial recorded musical examples in a variety of different musical and production styles, providing both the background necessary to emulate these styles and the information necessary to blaze new territory.

 Orlando Rashid

Orlando Rashid is an accomplished audio engineer, producer, and songwriter with credits on numerous award-winning albums and songs, including Jamie Foxx’s two-times platinum album “Unpredictable”, Kanye West’s number one song “Gold Digger”, and on the Emmy Award nominated Queen Latifah song “Life Support”. Alongside those Orlando has worked with such massively popular and incredibly successful artists as, Ludacris, 50 Cent, T.I., P. Diddy, Ashanti, Tweet and many more. Orlando is also an Avid Certified Instructor and expert which teaches Pro Tools and Media Composer courses at several educational institutions in the Los Angeles area.

Production Styles & Genre


Hardware & Equipment Requirements:

This course will require you to use a computer to view webpages with text, audio, and video examples.

You will need:

  • Desktop or laptop PC or Mac with speakers, running the most up-to-date versions of Google Chrome or Firefox (see “Software Requirements” for more info)

Software Requirements: