Applying to college should be a pleasurable experience, and preparing yourself for that application makes it all the more possible. Future students and their parents/guardians should become familiar with the admissions process on our Admissions Page in addition to consulting this admission checklist to ensure you put your best application forward.

✅Do I know my Decision Plan?

Your Decision Plan is both the major and program you wish to apply for. For example, if you wish to apply for the Associate of Arts Degree in Guitar Performance, you will be required to submit audition/application materials specific to that program in addition to general application requirements. The application process can be done fairly quickly for those who prepare in advance!

Am I prepared to submit demographic, personal and contact information?

Be prepared to submit a permanent address, phone number and email address among other information for you and your guardian. You will also asked to list extra curricular activities and work experience. The student is encouraged to complete the application on their own, but have a guardian available to confirm information.

Do I have access to my Official Transcripts?

Whether you are still in High School, have attended another college or university or have taken time off from academia, LACM will still require previous academic records. Official transcripts are required from your high school for first time freshman. Transfer students require official high school and college transcripts. For more information on transcripts, see the Admissions Page.

What is my Secondary School Information?

Acceptd, the application portal for LACM will require students to enter information from their previous academic institutions. Have your dates of attendance and graduation recorded, and also have a running list of extracurricular activities and awards from this time. SAT scores and ACT composite scores are optional, but not required.

What are my Financial Options?

Do you intend to apply for Need-Based Grants? Do you intend to apply for a merit-based scholarship or Federal Financial Aid? Before submitting your application, we encourage students to explore their financial options for paying for their education. Also consider that the application fee of $60 must be paid to submit your application. Visit the Financial Page for more information.

✅ Is it mandatory to be privately trained before entering the program?

We believe that personalized training is an essential component in training a well rounded artist. While private lessons are not a prerequisite to our programs, they are highly recommended and help our admissions team understand your level of previous instruction. If you have had over a year of private lessons or participate in music programs, we want to hear about it.

Why do I need References and who should I ask?

You will be asked to provide one to two references who can discuss your personal character on an academic and professional level. Preferred references would be a teacher, mentor, or employer; reference experience within the music community is helpful, but not required. You will be asked to provide the name and email for each reference within the online application. It is customary and courteous to first obtain the reference’s permission to provide their contact information for this purpose.

Are my Media Uploads prepared?

As mentioned above, each Decision Plan will require unique audition and application requirements, which may include media uploads. It is recommended that students take their time to prepare for and produce the best virtual audition possible.

Will I write a Scholarship Essay?

The Scholarship Committee at LACM is proud to provide financial assistance to a limited number of deserving incoming and continuing students. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, be prepared to write.  A scholarship essay prompt will be included in the application.

Do I have International Student requirements?

International Students must meet additional requirements outlined in the LACM Online Catalog. Students will be required to submit the following information TOEFL Score / TOEFL Exam Date IELTS Score / IELTS Exam Date to apply, and may require more after admission.