Songwriting 2

Course Number: PROD-101DL Credit Hours: 4

Course Description

This course will continue the study of popular song construct, but will be applied directly to varied genres of music and the requisite shift in stylistic approach. Each genre demands varied approaches as applies to lyric, melody, hook construct and delivery, structure and chord progressions. Popular genres to be analyzed will include Pop, Pop/Rock, Modern Rock, Hip Hop, Dance/Electronica, Indie/Folk and Alternative Country. Prerequisite: Songwriting 1.

Jae Deal

DEAL is an accomplished Los Angeles-based composer, arranger, producer and orchestrator in various genres including pop, hip hop, R&B and gospel.  He has worked behind the scenes as well as on stage with artists including Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, Diddy, Faith Evans, TPain, Jessica Simpson and Wynton Marsalis. In addition, Deal has contributed to the works of Elton John and songwriter Diane Warren. His diverse talents and ability to create fresh sounds for any modern track have kept him busy on the road and in the studio.

Week 1

  • Explaining Core Concepts in Simple Terms
  • Purpose & Power in Form
  • Why Break the Song Form
  • How to Break Form
  • When to Break Form
  • Chord Progression Discussion
  • Leading tones
  • Bass Substitutions
  • The Song Begins

Week 2

  • Melody Writing
  • Melodic Variation Techniques
  • Rhythmic Variation Techniques
  • Symbolism
  • The “1 Phrase” test
  • Rhyme Scheme
  • Meter Structure
  • Symmetry/Parallelism
  • Double Entendre


Week 3

  • Song Classification: Lyrical & Musical
  • Rock – Lyrics & Music
  • Pop – Lyrics & Music
  • Country – Lyrics & Music
  • Hip-Hop/Trapp – Lyrics & Music
  • Jazz – Lyrics & Music
  • Religious/Spiritual – Lyrics & Music
  • Reggae – Lyrics & Music

Week 4

  • Understanding & Writing Universal Themes
  • Love
  • Isolation/Inclusion
  • Party
  • Storytelling
  • Conveying Emotion
  • Lifestyle Songs
  • Religious/Spiritual
  • Novelty Songs
  • Promotional
  • Theme Songs
  • Crossover Songs
  • Narrative (Changing Perspective)

Week 5

  • Identifying Songs Around You
  • Creating Moments
  • Co-Writing 1

Hardware & Equipment Requirements:

  • Audio Technica ATR2100-USB microphone
  • Webcam
  • Desktop or laptop PC or Mac with speakers, running the most up-to-date versions of Google Chrome or Firefox (see “Software Requirements” for more info)
  • Video/audio recording software, such as iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker

Software Requirements: