String Theory 3

Course Number: MUS-156DL Credit Hours: 2

Course Description

In this series, students study the practical application of harmony and theory as it pertains to the guitar neck. Selected subjects include diatonic triad studies, diatonic 7th chord studies, modal study and minor key harmony, melodic minor, interval studies, and modes of the melodic minor scale.   Prerequisite: String Theory 2.


Adam Levy

Levy has created a remarkable body of music over the past 30 years, and his talents continue to evolve today. He was recruited for Norah Jones’ recording of “Come Away with Me,” her multi-platinum, multi-Grammy debut on Blue Note Records. He remained in Jones’ orbit for several years to come, recording two additional albums and three DVDs, and touring the world as a member of her Handsome Band. He also played on Tracy Chapman’s mid-90s masterpiece New Beginning. Levy’s guitar earns the limelight in the bluesy “Give Me One Reason,” which won Best Rock Song at the 1997 Grammy Awards.

Levy is also a respected writer and educator, with the instructional courses Play the Right Stuff (book/DVD), 50 Low-Down Rhythms (DVD/online course), and Rhythm Makeover(DVD/online course) to his credit, as well as numerous articles for Guitar PlayerFretboard Journal, and other top guitar magazines.

Lesson 1: Diatonic Triad Studies

  • Overview
  • Key of C Major
  • Key of Bb Major
  • Key of F Major
  • Key of G Major

Lesson 2: Diatonic 7th-chord Studies

  • Overview & Fingering 4
  • Fingering 5
  • Fingering 1
  • Fingering 2
  • Fingering 3

Lesson 3: Modal Study & Minor Key Harmony 

  • Overview
  • G Ionian, Modal Scale, Arpeggio
  • Chord Tones on Beats 1 & 3
  • A Dorian Chord, Modal Scale, Arpeggio
  • D Mixolydian Chord, Modal Scale, Arpeggio
  • C Lydian Chord, Modal Scale, Arpeggio
  • Creating Melodic Lines
  • Practice Tips
  • Minor Key Harmony

Lesson 4: Melodic Minor Scale & Interval Studies

  • Overview
  • Using the CAGED System for Melodic Minor
  • Intro to Interval Studies
  • Position 1, Parallel 3rds
  • Position 1, Broken 3rds
  • Position 1, Alternating 3rds
  • Position 1, 4ths: Parallel, Broken, Alternating
  • Position 1, 5ths: Parallel, Broken, Alternating
  • Position 1, 6ths: Parallel, Broken, Alternating
  • Position 1, 7ths: Parallel, Broken, Alternating
  • Other Fingerings & Keys

Lesson 5: Modes of the Melodic Minor Scale

  • Overview
  • Building Modes in Melodic Minor
  • C Lydian-Dominant Chord, Modal Scale, Arpeggio
  • C Locrian (#2) Chord, Modal Scale, Arpeggio
  • C Super-Locrian Chord, Modal Scale, Arpeggio
  • 3-notes-per-string Fingerings

Hardware & Equipment Requirements:

You will need:

  • Electric guitar
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Amp
  • Metronome (or metronome app)
  • Audio Technica ATR2100-USB microphone
  • Behringer Xenyx Q502USB Mixer
  • CD/MP3 player (separate from computer)
  • Webcam
  • Desktop or laptop PC or Mac with speakers, running the most up-to-date versions of Google Chrome or Firefox (see “Software Requirements” for more info)
  • Video/audio recording software, such as iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Printer, so that you can print out music examples used in the course or an iPad or similar device

Software Requirements: