Strings for Producers 

Course Number: PROD-122DL Credit Hours: 3

Course Description

In this online course, students will get to know different instruments, amps, and effects through video demonstrations as well as assigned audio examples. Each video will offer different topics including solid body guitars, hollow body guitars, pickups, amps, effects, acoustic guitars, layering guitars. Students will be given listening and discussion assignments based on specific lessons.

Ken Song

Ken Song, who holds a Master of Music in Guitar Performance, graduated with honors from USC in 1998. He has studied jazz guitar with Joe Diorio and Larry Koonse and classical guitar with William Kanengiser. Since college, Ken has been working steadily in the Los Angeles music scene, playing sessions on motion pictures, TV commercials and audio recordings. In 2005, Ken was a featured performer at the Santa Barbara Jazz Festival. Ken also plays in local clubs and restaurants with his own trio. Notable artists that Ken has played with include Bruce Eskovitz, Bill Churchville, Randy Drake, the Dick Grove Orchestra, Ricky Lawson, Gregg Bissonette, John Ferraro and Todd Johnson. In late 2005, Ken recorded his first solo album Goin’ Wes, which was released in early 2006 on the Primrose Lane Music label and features Luther Hughes, Paul Kreibich and Llew Matthews. Check for more info.

Week 1:

  • Introduction
  • Stratocaster
  • Telecaster
  • Les Paul
  • Single Coil
  • Humbuckers

Week 2:

  • Hollow Body Guitars
  • Amps
  • Cabinets

Week 3:

  • Guitar Effects and Usage

Week 4:

  • Acoustic Guitars
  • High Strung Guitar
  • 12 String Guitar

Week 5:

  • Mandolin
  • Dobro
  • Ukulele
  • Banjo


Hardware & Equipment Requirements:

This course will require you to use a computer to view webpages with text, audio, and video examples.

You will need:

  • Desktop or laptop PC or Mac with speakers, running the most up-to-date versions of Google Chrome or Firefox (see “Software Requirements” for more info)

Software Requirements: