“While fulfilling my obligations at home, I decided to go to LACM Online…and am so grateful for the opportunity to have done that. I knew learning from [Ralph Humphrey] was something that was going to really benefit me down the road. I really appreciate everything he and the school were able to do for me.”   – Vivien C., drum student

“I had a great experience! I really progressed faster than I expected because it narrowed down my practice routine…I enjoyed the feedback I got – it was very valuable…I would recommend [the program] to anybody. It got me excited about playing guitar.”   – Tyler C., guitar student

“Although new to online classes at LACM, my experience has been nothing short of wonderful . The classes with Jody Fisher have been excellent and extremely well organized! I have been pleasantly surprised by the time and quality of feedback from Jody. I can study at home and still receive the kind of professional input from a quality teacher like Jody. As a bonus, I was experiencing technical problems due to my lack of computer skills, but the staff (Paul Van de Riet ) called me personally on a Saturday and solved all the problems.  It doesn’t get much better than that. Looking forward to many classes at LACM Online.”   – Ed A., guitar student

“LACM Online is a great experience! After several years of practice, I needed to give order to what I knew and improve my knowledge of the instrument. In the professionalism of LACM Online, I found the answers I expected. In a few weeks, I received a lot of information and a strong methodology to develop my own approach to the guitar. The online support is really amazing and always available, and the virtual platform is friendly and straightforward to use. Definitely an experience to repeat.”   – Marco G., guitar student

“LACM’s user-friendly online platform offers a unique opportunity to study chord melody guitar with the renowned teacher / performer Jody Fisher. His unending wisdom and zen-like calm allowed me to re-think about my instrument, break some bad playing habits, and started transforming my playing from day one. Its curriculum that is based on weekly tasks enabled me to progress at my own pace without sacrificing self-discipline. It increased not only the number of standards in my arsenal but also changed the way I interpret them for good.”   – Gunhan P., guitar student

“The best part about the course was that after Jody reviewed my material, he made suggestions for me to apply to songs and stretch beyond the weekly exercises.”   – Steve S., guitar student