We believe that personalized online instruction, paired with intensive in-person training, is the best way to prepare distance learners for sustainable careers in music. One requirement of the LACM Online program curriculum is visiting campus approximately once per year. Students will have the option of registering for one of two or more summer visitation sessions. While visiting campus, students can expect to participate in activities such as: industry workshops, ensemble playing opportunities, career development seminars, networking events and technology training and presentations. LACM Online will assist in the coordination of campus visits as students advance in their academic program. LACM Online students are expected to read and understand the Catalog, and adhere to all campus-related policies while visiting LACM.


Campus Visit Form

All students visiting campus are expected to submit a Campus Visit Form 1 month prior to the campus visit. Students will be asked to include proof of transportation (flight itinerary, driving directions) in addition to booking receipts for lodging (hotel, AirBNB, etc.) Students must also submit their most current emergency contact.

Campus Access & Resources

All LACM Online students have access to the LACM Campus during their scheduled Campus Visit. Recourses available to students are listed in the catalog. The LACM Campus is not available to LACM Online students outside of their scheduled visit.

Health or Safety Disclosures

While the majority of LACM Online coursework is completed remotely off-campus, the health of our students who visit campus is extremely important to our community. LACM Online is permitted to disclose personally identifiable information from a student’s educational record without the student’s written consent in the case of an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or other individuals. This type of disclosure is limited to a situation presenting imminent danger or to a circumstance requiring immediate need for disclosure. In the case of disclosures to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), LACM Online may release the personally identifiable information of anyone who has signed a Form I-20 and anyone attending on an F-1, M-1, or J-1 visa to the USCIS.

Student Services and Campus Care

An enjoyable educational experience is maintained with the help of students, not only faculty and staff. This experience includes the opportunity for LACM Online students to participate in scheduled on-campus instruction, and performing before a jury panel. Students must observe the following guidelines while on-campus:

  • No food or drinks (except water) are allowed in classrooms or practice labs.
  • Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and skates are allowed through the Student Entrance. Riding inside the LACM North and South buildings is strictly prohibited. These forms of self-propelled transportation can be locked at the South building courtyard. All of these forms of self-propelled transportation kept in the courtyard must be registered in the Student Services Office.
  • Personal mail sent to LACM will be returned to sender.
  • Smoking cigarettes is permitted ONLY in the designated smoking area behind the LACM campus. Please discard cigarette butts in the ashtrays provided.
  • Do not litter on the LACM campus. Please throw out all garbage and keep the campus clean.

Academic Advising

LACM’s Office of Academic Advising is ready to answer questions and offer the best solutions for students. The Office of Academic Advising is available to help students with:

  • Academic Progress
  • New Academic Plans
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Personal Counseling
  • Workshops
  • Resources
  • Outreach and Support for Numerous Issues
  • Student Forms: Leave of Absence – Extended Applied Learning Absence – Withdrawal – Readmit – Change of Program/Major –Add/Drop Forms


Students are always welcome to make an appointment with the Office of Academic Advising: advising@lacm.edu, 626-568-8850


Below are the general equipment requirements for each program. Please visit the website to see additional requirements for each course.


  • Acoustic 4-piece (or more) drumset (snare, bass, and at least two toms) with at least 1 crash, 1 ride, and hi-hats; electronic kits are acceptable
  • Sticks and brushes
  • Practice pad and stand
  • Blue Yeti USB microphone
  • Webcam
  • Desktop or laptop PC or Mac, running the most up-to-date versions of Google Chrome or Firefox
  • Video/audio recording software, such as iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Access to an 88-key keyboard or piano (must be in the same location as an Ethernet-based internet connection and your computer for testing purposes)
  • Drum kits will be supplied during campus visits but drummers must bring cymbals, their practice pad and stand, a hi-hat clutch, single or double bass drum pedals, and sticks/brushes, washers and felts.


  • Electric guitar
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Amp
  • Blue Yeti USB microphone
  • Webcam
  • Desktop or laptop PC or Mac, running the most up-to-date versions of Google Chrome or Firefox
  • Video/audio recording software, such as iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Access to an 88-Key keyboard or piano (must be in the same location as an Ethernet-based internet connection and your computer for testing purposes)
  • Amps will be supplied during campus visits but guitarists must bring a metronome, tuner, cables, and their instrument. LACM also recommends having extra strings and picks.

Music Producing & Recording:

  • Mac or PC with at least 8 GB of RAM, but 16 GB or better is highly recommended. NOTE: LACM’s Pasadena campus uses Apple Macs, exclusively, for all its DAW workstations, as do all of the program’s instructors.
  • Pro Tools version 12.6.1 or newer
  • At least one external, portable hard drive
  • A large-capacity drive for backup purposes is highly recommended. Multiple backup drives (preferably stored in different locations) are the only way to ensure data safety.
  • Recommended hard drive specifications and features:
    • 1 TB or larger
    • 7200 RPM
    • USB 3 or better
    • “green” drives (ones which will go to sleep after a period of inactivity) are NOT recommended. They are problematic for use with any DAW software.
  • Headphones (with 1/8-inch and ¼-inch adaptors)
  • Access to an 88-Key keyboard or piano (must be in the same location as an Ethernet-based internet connection and your computer for testing purposes)
  • Blue Yeti USB microphone
  • Webcam
  • For campus visits, please bring your laptop and hard drive.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: A drumset (acoustic or electric), guitar (acoustic or electric)

Career Services

The LACM Online Career Center is a web resource designed to support current students and alumni in finding employment opportunities before and after graduation. Services include résumé coaching, career development webinars, and guidance on finding gigs and internship opportunities. Students are encouraged to make appointments with LACM Online career counselors throughout their time at LACM Online.

The Career Center located at the Pasadena Campus encourages visiting students to walk-in, or set a counseling appointment with the Career Services staff. For more information on how to take advantage of LACM Online Career Center services, email careercenter@lacm.edu.

Facilities and Security

LACM Online students are required to adhere to the same security guidelines as on-campus students during scheduled visits. LACM will report all campus incidents to a designated Attending Rep (AR) on post at the South building student entrance so it can be noted on the daily crime and incidents log for possible investigation. This includes crimes and incidents within and around the campus. In the event an AR is unavailable, witnesses and/or victims must complete a crime and incident report and return it to the AR when available. In addition, incident reports may be given directly to Student Services. The Campus Security Act of 1999 requires LACM to compile a report with data gathered from its own campus security and crime report combined with statistics from the Pasadena Police Department. A notification will be sent out via school email announcing when the crime report is available.

LACM Online reminds students of their responsibility for their own equipment, books, supplies, and other gear.


LACM Online upholds a very serious policy concerning theft and the protection of both personal and campus property. If a student steals, damages, or destroys personal or campus property, the student will automatically be suspended from attending classes and will not be allowed on campus. The student will have 24 hours to remove any personal belongings. The discipline committee will hold a hearing and the student will be invited to attend and defend themselves. The discipline committee will then make a decision regarding how the matter will be addressed within a 10 day period. Anyone who displays further inappropriate behavior can be immediately dismissed from LACM Online without a hearing.

Missing Student Policy

Promoting safety within the LACM Online community through compliance with the requirements of the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (the HEOA) is integral to the protection and security of everyone while on campus. In the event a student goes missing for more than 24 hours, a confidentially indicated person previously disclosed by the student to the Student Services Office will be contacted by LACM Online.

If a member of the LACM Online community has reason to believe a student has gone missing or receives a report of a missing student, they will immediately contact their supervisor and/or the Pasadena Police Department at 626-744-4501.

A student’s confidential contact information will be accessible only by authorized campus officials and will not be disclosed except to law enforcement agents for collaboration to find the missing person.

Contact information

Pasadena Police Department, 626-744-4501, www. ci.pasadena.ca.us/police. LACM Online Administrative Offices, 626-568-8850, info@LACM.edu.

Weapons Policy

Weapons and ammunition are safety hazards. Possession, use, or displays of weapons or ammunition are inappropriate in an academic community. Weapons of any kind including ammunition will not by any means be worn, displayed, used, or possessed on the LACM campus. Any employee, faculty, student, or other representative of the college who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action. Any member of the public who violates this policy will be subject to law enforcement action. If the public member does not comply, the individual will be removed from the LACM campus and subject to all legal penalties including the criminal trespass provisions under California law. This policy does not apply to the possession or use of disabling chemical sprays when used for self-defense.

Campus Access

In order to gain access to LACM campus facilities, it is required to scan an ID card or obtain a visitor pass. LACM Online students have access to LACM’s campus only during their scheduled visits. Any other access must first be approved by the Director of Online Programs.

Students, faculty and staff must scan their ID to enter both buildings (North and South), and must display their ID at all times. If a student, faculty or staff member forgets their ID, they must obtain a Temporary ID from the front desk in the North Building in order to enter.

LACM Online has the right to refuse access to facilities to any person under any circumstance if deemed necessary and appropriate.

How to Obtain a Visitor Pass

Visitor Passes are available at the front desk of the North Building. All outside visitor(s) must check–in and show a valid photo ID in order to obtain a pass. Visitor(s) must wear a Visitor Pass at all times. Passes for visits on evenings, weekends, holidays, and other times during which the Main Office is closed must be obtained in advance, during regular office hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm).

Dismissed/ Expelled Students

Students that have been dismissed or expelled due to reasons related to any violation of the Code of Conduct are not permitted on-campus under any circumstance.

Instrument Check-Out Policy

LACM Online students may check-out equipment while visiting the LACM campus. In order to be eligible, they must be currently enrolled and have a proper Student ID with no outstanding registration forms, fees or balances due. Students must submit an LACM Equipment Request Form & Contract to the Front Desk of the South Building at least 24 hours in advance. Equipment rental is subject to availability.

The LACM Equipment Rental Contract requires students to place a debit or credit card on file with the Business Office in order to become eligible for rental.

Computer Systems Use Policy

Vandalism, theft or other abuse of LACM campus computers or personal computers of LACM students, faculty or staff is prohibited, including but not limited to:

  • Modifying system or network facilities, or attempting to crash systems or networks.
  • Using personal software on LACM campus computers.
  • Using network resources which inhibit or interfere with the use of the network by other students.
  • Using, duplicating, or transmitting copyrighted material without first obtaining the owner’s permission, in any way that may reasonably be expected to constitute an infringement, or that exceeds the scope of a license, or violate other contracts.
  • Tampering with software protections or restrictions placed on computer applications or files.
  • Using information technology resources to obtain unauthorized access to records, data, and other forms of information owned, used, possessed by, or pertaining to the college or individuals.
  • Accessing another person’s computer account without permission.
  • Intentionally introducing computer viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, or other rogue programs into information technology resources that belong to, are licensed to, or are leased by the college or others.
  • Physically damaging information technology resources.
  • Using, or encouraging others to use, information technology resources in any manner that would violate this or other college policies or any applicable State or Federal law.

Food and Drink

Only water in a sealable container is allowed inside of campus classrooms.

There are no Articulation Agreements for LACM Online students.